RED clearance


Peter-R died trying to use INFRARED lunch ladies as human shields. His current clone is only his fifth, but for some reason he is still called Peter-R-WQR-6. The clone wasn’t activated automatically, and instead was forced into activation by Ellery-Y-DKR-4.

Peter-R is the Hygiene Officer for Team DMM-273. He likes knowing the exact count of things.

When not serving as a Troubleshooter, Peter-R worked as an inventory supply checker for PowerPatch (a PLC service firm) until being declared a traitor.

Peter was stripped of all security clearances and was a non-entity with no privileges. Internal Security offered any citizen 1 000 credits for Peter’s corpse. Peter’s face is one of five that was regularly broadcast as being a traitor to Alpha Complex who should be shot on sight. These broadcasts have since stopped.

Peter-R currently resides in Incivility.


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