RED clearance


Kelly-G worked for the Stove Rangers as a lunch lady in Sector DMM, and did troubleshooter duties on the side. This all changed after Kelly-G-FMT-12 was recruited into the Armed Forces. Kelly-G was a soldier for a while and gained some popularity, but was kicked out of the service and demoted to RED clearance after disobeying orders to prevent the Incivility from being destroyed. Kelly-R has a certain amount of infamy within the Armed Forces now as a notorious coward.

Kelly-R-FMT-1 was in an episode of the Shooters reality show as part of Team DMM-273, playing the role of a ridiculously rich troubleshooter.

Kelly-G served as team leader for Team DMM-295, the Happiness Hygiene Officer Equipment Guy for Team DMM-299, and the Alertness Officer for Team DMM-29C. Kelly-G was the Equipment Guy for Team DMM-297, but has never actually gone on any of their missions.

After Kelly had used eight clones he was registered as Kelly-G-FMT-13 instead of Kelly-G-FMT-8. He has purchased thirteen clones, and his unused clones are stored in the Sav-A-Clone facility in Sector FMT.

Kelly was stripped of all security clearances and was a non-entity with no privileges. Internal Security offered any citizen 1 000 credits for Kelly’s corpse. Kelly’s face is one of five that was regularly broadcast as being a traitor to Alpha Complex who should be shot on sight. These broadcasts have since stopped.

With Total Trouble no longer operating in Sector DMM and a career in the Armed Forces over, Kelly-R was transferred to Sector CBB to supervise a small team of clog dispersers for the Septic Thanks! service firm. The three other members of his team are Ellen-CBB-1, Iona-CBB-2, and Tiffany-CBB-1. His new supervisor, Vance-O-MIF-2, is very hands-on and usually works alongside Kelly-R’s team.

Kelly-O serves as the Communications & Recording Officer for Troubleshooter Team CBB-001, Equipment Guy for CBB-004, Financial Officer for CBB-008, Public Relations Guy for CBB-00A, and Advertising & Branding Officer (on behalf of Septic Thanks!) for CBB-00D.

Kelly-O works for LoyaltyTime’s commissary in Sector CBB.


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