Times of Trouble

On the road again to DOA

Looking for Trouble really needs a win so the call in Lee-R, Izzy-R, Cassidy-R, and Cameron-R. The team is to head DOA and sterilize some rooms, and along the way run some pathogen drills in DMA.

The team heads picks up a few supplies and then plan their route. Over to DBA and then “straight” to DNA. After a very long drive they grab a room for he night. After breakfast the team makes a plan to go to Sybaritix, where someone has a rival club. With the help of Christoper-R, the door man, they get in touch with the manager and run the drills. The well organized Izzy-R runs the whole thing, even gets a copy of the surveillance of all the staff rolling around on the ground. The patrons of the restaurant seemed well prepared for this sort of attack.

The group then heads off to DOA, via DNA. The border into DOA is heavy guarded and they don’t want to let our heroes enter. After is looks like they are not going to be able to talk their way through the team decides to run for it. It does not go as smoothly as could be hoped and Izzy-R get pushed up against the wall of the tunnel a bit. But they team makes it into DOA.

After some helpful people give directions the team finds they intersection they are looking for. It is guarded by a green, but the team wastes no time in running into him and entering the facility to complete their mission.

After clearing the reception room things get a little hazy. There was definitely some beautiful fire. While the mission is a success, 2 team members do lose a clone. The team waits for the things to calm down, used false IDs to get out of DOA, and arrives home heroes.


tbug NuclearWizard

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