Sector CRS

Sector CRS was the home sector of Spork Supply and Complex Utensils. The sector has been removed from Alpha Complex maps and references following a catastrophic explosion in the sector’s nuclear power plant.

Clones in Sector CRS were handled by a branch of the Another-U service firm.


Sector CRS has recently done a complete revamp on its Troubleshooter teams.

Team CRS-Z01

Brains Officer: Ceres-O-BCW-2
Terminology Officer: Ellery-Y-DKR-4
Hygiene Officer: Taylor-O-GOW-4
Map Officer: Tony-G-GNU-6

Team CRS-Z02

Position Unassigned: Dahn-O-DML-1
Position Unassigned: Kadin-Y-BCW-4
Position Unassigned: Kelly-G-FMT-13
Position Unassigned: Kelsey-O-ELS-2
Position Unassigned: Parker-Y-CKS-2
Position Unassigned: Terry-O-EMV-2

Sector CRS

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