Sector CBB

Sector CBB is one of the older sections in Alpha Complex. Over five thousand people live and work there. The Sector is constructed in an enormous cavern that has been artificially enlarged over time. At its highest point the ceiling is about three hundred feet.

Two of the largest and most prosperous service firms in Sector CBB are Septic Thanks! (which deals with all of the sewage) and Vat Chance! (which controls the food vats). Vat Chance! is one of the principal sponsors of the Sector’s FunBall team: the Algae Clumps (whose colours are brown and brown).

Sector CBB rejoices under the benevolent administration of High Programmer Adam-U-SEL-4. He lives in a mansion hanging from the highest part of the Sector’s ceiling.

A masked criminal known only as "Cockroach Face" has been spotted using gold spray paint to vandalize some of the less-secure places in the Sector.

Most of the intrasector transtube lines operate within acceptable parameters, albeit often without climate control. Fortunately, shivering is not considered treasonous in this context.

The border with Sector CAB is watched by DottedLine Patrol. The borders with Sector BBB and Sector DBB are watched by Your-Side Control. The borders with Sector CBA and Sector CBC are watched by StopLite IS. The passage leading to Sector CCB is under the jurisdiction of Crackadoom.

Sector CBB

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