Alpha Complex

Alpha Complex is the only remaining home of the human race. After the apocalypse saw the destruction of the majority of mankind at the hands of commie mutants, The Computer gathered everyone into Alpha Complex to keep them safe forever. The Computer wants only the best for mankind, and so brought about the creation of a massive series of structures, now known as Alpha Complex.

The Complex is divided into Sectors, each home to several thousand people and supervised by a local node of The Computer. Each citizen has a security clearance, designated by colour. From lowest to highest clearance, the colour designations are INFRARED (ie black), RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET, and ULTRAVIOLET (ie white). These clearances are an indication of how much The Computer trusts a citizen, rather than some sort of rank. To make life simpler for citizens, The Computer has decreed that it is treasonous to touch anything that is a colour of a higher clearance than your own.

Citizens are cloned in vats, and from early in their life they are fed a constant diet of hormone suppressants. This has the effect of preventing anyone from ever going through puberty. It also means that it can sometimes be difficult to casually determine someone else’s gender, but since gender is largely irrelevant in Alpha Complex this is rarely an issue.

All citizens have a MemoMax chip implanted at the top of their respective spinal columns. This chip constantly transmits all of their memories to a secure storage facility, and in the case of their death their memories can be downloaded into a clone body. The Computer has decreed that each citizen is entitled to six bodies for free, but that they will have to save up and pay for any beyond that.

A citizen’s name consists of four parts. The first is their given name. The second is the abbreviation of their security clearance (left out in the case of INFRAREDs). The third is the three-letter designation of their Sector of origin. The fourth is the number of their current body (sometimes, though not usually, left out for a citizen’s first body). So a RED clearance citizen named Dale who came from Sector VIC and was on body number two would be Dale-R-VIC-2.

Alpha Complex

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