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  • Vat Chance

    The *Vat Chance!* service firm is based in [[Sector CBB]] and is its most successful local business. Though the corporate headquarters remain in Sector CBB the service firm has landed contracts in several other Sectors. Vat Chance! is the largest …

  • Casey-O-BIP-7

    Casey worked for the [[Stove Rangers]] as a lunch lady in [[Sector DMM]], and did troubleshooter duties on the side. Casey-R-BIP-1 was in an episode of the _Shooters_ reality show, playing the role of an Internal Security agent. Casey-R-BIP-1 lost …

  • Carlos-R-GOW-2

    Carlos-R-GOW-1 was a shift supervisor minding algae vats for [[Vat Chance|Vat Chance!]] in [[Sector CBB]]. Carlos-R had just transferred to [[Sector CBB]] from [[Sector GOW]] (in order to replace a supervisor who fell into one of the vats and was …

  • Tara-CBB-2

    Tara-CBB-1 worked in the Algae Vats for [[Vat Chance|Vat Chance!]]. She lived in [[Barracks CBB-014]] until her death. She is known to have trouble keeping secrets.

  • Amy-CBB-2

    Amy worked alongside [[:casey-bip]] at [[Vat Chance|Vat Chance!]] in [[Sector CBB]] until she was laid off. She lived in [[Barracks CBB-014]]. Amy-CBB-1 died in an accident soon after she was laid off, and her new clone is growing.

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