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  • Funk

    Funk used to be about the size of a cookie jar. Funk was sort of owned by [[:kelly-fmt]] for a time. He did not follow Kelly-G to basic training. Funk's bot brain was installed into a very damaged transbot in order to get it working after it had …

  • Monster Express

    Monster Express is a transbot assigned to the C*A intersector line. Monster Express is equipped with a voice synthesizer and encourages passengers to ride all the way to [[Sector CAA|Monster Sector]].

  • Whinebot 5000

    The Whinebot 5000 was a transbot famous for his lack of self-confidence. He was assigned to the ==D*A== line at the time of his destruction in [[Sector DHA]].

  • Sir

    Citizens tend to call this transbot "Sir". In fact, the more polite one can be to this transbot, the better.

  • Grunt

    Grunt is a transbot assigned to the D*A line. He never speaks a word save for those that are pre-recorded for him, but he does sometimes make an odd groaning sound (hence his name).

  • Jeannie

    Jeannie appears to be the perfect transbot. Jeannie is currently assigned to work the *BC transbot line.

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