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  • Annette-R-QZP-1

    Annette-R has recently moved to [[Sector CBB]]. Annette works as shift supervisor for [[FunFoods PLC]]. She also serves as the loyalty officer for troubleshooter team CBB-002.

  • Leonard-R-DKR-1

    Leonard-R has just been promoted to RED clearance, and is still a lunch lady in [[Sector CBB]] for a [[FunFoods PLC]] cafeteria. He also works as the communication & recording officer for troubleshooter team CBB-002. Now that he is no longer INFRARED …

  • James-R-EFB-9

    James-R has just transferred from [[Sector EFB]] to [[Sector CBB]], where he works as a lunch lady for [[FunFoods PLC]]. James-R occasionally dresses in a suit and tie. James-R has a special permit that allows him to carry around a blue satchel. …

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