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  • Xerxes

    Xerxes was owned by [[:parker-cks]]. He was excited about fulfilling his purpose and exploding, which did as soon as somebody said his trigger word. He didn't know what the word was, but he knew that it started with the letter "i" and asked people to …

  • Alley

    Alley worked as a hack in [[Sector CBB]]. Her chassis is painted in a subdued pattern of greys and browns. Alley was vaporized when she was on duty in [[Sector ENQ]] and was parked next to the nuclear reactor when it exploded.

  • Whinebot 5000

    The Whinebot 5000 was a transbot famous for his lack of self-confidence. He was assigned to the ==D*A== line at the time of his destruction in [[Sector DHA]].

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