• Lily-V-DMM-11

    Lily-V was the senior person in [[Sector DMM]] until certain Troubleshooters ruined her life. Her current whereabouts are not common knowledge.

  • Lisa-V-DEA-5

    Lisa-V is remembered in various stories throughout Alpha Complex as the hero who fought against a dreadful plague that threatened to destroy [[Sector DEA|her sector]]. Accounts differ as to why her final clone was never activated. The Computer denies …

  • Charlize-V-WCR-5

    Charlize-V is renowned for having tried to use secret society contacts in order to take over a Sector, even though she was only VIOLET and that is usually done by ULTRAVIOLETs. Her sixth clone doesn't seem to have ever been activated. The Computer …

  • Ware-V-AZL-5

    Ware-V reportedly discovered that there was ancient software that greatly pre-dated The Computer's current code. In Ware-V's opinion, this software would be vastly preferable to what The Computer is using now. Ware-V attempted to restore a CompNode to …

  • Ryan-V-LFB-5

    Ryan-V is rumoured to have discovered a method of transitioning directly to ULTRAVIOLET from any other clearance without the intervention of either The Computer or another citizen. He is reported to have hidden clues to this method around his home sector. …

  • Jerry-V-STL-5

    Jerry-V allegedly discovered ancient techniques from before the creation of Alpha Complex that he attempted to use to promote himself to ULTRAVIOLET. The Computer has no record of Jerry-V ever actually existing.

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