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  • Stove Rangers

    The Stove Rangers catering firm has the contract for many of the cafeterias in [[Sector DMM]]. The supervisor of cafeteria DMM-01 is [[:letitia-hrg]]. The Stove Rangers attempted to move into [[Sector CBB]], but that effort was aborted after [[:sally- …

  • PLC

    *Production, Logistics, & Commissary* is the [[Service|service group]] that controls agricultural and industrial production. It also distributes these products to the citizens of Alpha Complex. PLC is held in only slightly more esteem than HPD & Mind …

  • MoveIt PLC

    MoveIt PLC is a [[PLC]] service firm dedicated to package delivery. MoveIt PLC's corporate headquarters are in [[Sector DHA]].

  • Vat Chance

    The *Vat Chance!* service firm is based in [[Sector CBB]] and is its most successful local business. Though the corporate headquarters remain in Sector CBB the service firm has landed contracts in several other Sectors. Vat Chance! is the largest …

  • FunFoods PLC

    FunFoods PLC is a service firm involved in many different aspects of food creation and service.

  • Vend For Yourselves!

    CBB's premier vending supply and logistics firm, Vend for Yourselves! takes pride in knowing a resident's needs, and stocking a VendBot with the solution! For undisclosed reasons, Vend For Yourselves! will no longer stock, supply, or provide Zak's …

  • Shave The Rails

    Shave The Rails... enjoy a smoother path to a better future. Our technicians are hard at work ensuring you have the ride of your life! Shave the Rails is a service firm in charge of cleaning and maintenance of CBB's intrasector rail system.

  • PLC SupaExpress

    The *PLC SupaExpress* service firm is one of the main delivery services in [[Alpha Complex]].

  • Freshest Foods

    Freshest Foods is a single-Sector service firm based in [[Sector BBB]] dealing primarily in food imports. It also runs the few in-Sector food vats that are still in use.

  • Yum-E-Yum

    Yum-E-Yum has cafeteria contracts in many Sectors around Alpha Complex.

  • LoyaltyTime

    The *LoyaltyTime* service firm has many different [[PLC]] contracts, branching out and changing as work becomes available.

  • Good Enuff Shef PLC

    The *Good Enuff Shef PLC* service firm specializes in providing sufficient nourishment to INFRARED citizens.

  • The Hat's That

    *The Hat's That* service firm has its primary manufacturing centre in [[Sector DAR]]. This firm is one of Alpha Complex's largest hat manufacturing service firms.

  • Choc-O-Yum

    Choc-O-Yum is a PLC service firm specializing in the creation of sale of chocolates, using cocoa grown in hydroponics gardens. Choc-O-Yum products are only available for sale to citizens clearance ORANGE or higher. The citizen behind Choc-O-Yum's …

  • Sworded Past

    This service firm is based in [[Sector DBC]] and creates excellent-quality swords for all of your sword-based needs.

  • Groovy Pads

    The *Groovy Pads* service firm specializes in pads that get added to clothing. Most of their work takes the form of such things as knee pads and boot inserts, but they are constantly trying to expand their market share.

  • Sybaritix

    Sybaritix is a catering company specializing in fine dining for those citizens BLUE clearance and above.

  • Hair Care

    A company focused in managing IR and Reds hair. They are known for being especially efficient with IR haircuts, needing to give the fewest number of haircuts a year. This specialty involves cutting off as much hair as possible.

  • Casey-O-BIP-7

    Casey worked for the [[Stove Rangers]] as a lunch lady in [[Sector DMM]], and did troubleshooter duties on the side. Casey-R-BIP-1 was in an episode of the _Shooters_ reality show, playing the role of an Internal Security agent. Casey-R-BIP-1 lost …

  • Annette-R-QZP-1

    Annette-R has recently moved to [[Sector CBB]]. Annette works as shift supervisor for [[FunFoods PLC]]. She also serves as the loyalty officer for troubleshooter team CBB-002.

  • Leonard-R-DKR-1

    Leonard-R has just been promoted to RED clearance, and is still a lunch lady in [[Sector CBB]] for a [[FunFoods PLC]] cafeteria. He also works as the communication & recording officer for troubleshooter team CBB-002. Now that he is no longer INFRARED …

  • Carlos-R-GOW-2

    Carlos-R-GOW-1 was a shift supervisor minding algae vats for [[Vat Chance|Vat Chance!]] in [[Sector CBB]]. Carlos-R had just transferred to [[Sector CBB]] from [[Sector GOW]] (in order to replace a supervisor who fell into one of the vats and was …

  • Rachel-Y-DML-3

    Rachel-O was a vat supervisor for [[Vat Chance|Vat Chance!]] in [[Sector CBB]]. She avoided the food vats whenever possible, relying heavily on the shift supervisors working for her. Technically the INFRAREDs are supposed to report directly to Rachel-O, …

  • Sally-Y-ELS-2

    Sally-Y manages the [[Sector CBB]] branch of the [[Stove Rangers]] service firm. Currently that consists solely of one small office, but corporate HQ is hoping to establish a firmer footing in the Sector.

  • Wallace-R-CBB-2

    A member of PLC, Wallace is a proud member of a vending resupply and logistics firm called [[Vend For Yourselves!]], and has also become a fast favourite with his bunkmates thanks in part to the various product samples he brings home. From foodstuffs and …

  • Lyle-R-CBB-17

    Lyle also works for the PLC, within a tram rail maintenance firm. [[Shave The Rails]] is in charge of cleaning and removal of rust and other buildup on the intrasector tram rails, and are integral to keeping the trams running on time. Recently, Shave the …

  • Maria-DOB-2

    Maria is a registered mutant. (She had little choice, since her hands face the wrong way.) She requested a transfer away from [[Sector DOB]], which has a history of corrupting mutants into traitorous communist ways and she wanted to distance herself from …

  • James-R-EFB-9

    James-R has just transferred from [[Sector EFB]] to [[Sector CBB]], where he works as a lunch lady for [[FunFoods PLC]]. James-R occasionally dresses in a suit and tie. James-R has a special permit that allows him to carry around a blue satchel. …

  • Amy-CBB-2

    Amy worked alongside [[:casey-bip]] at [[Vat Chance|Vat Chance!]] in [[Sector CBB]] until she was laid off. She lived in [[Barracks CBB-014]]. Amy-CBB-1 died in an accident soon after she was laid off, and her new clone is growing.

  • Jessica-CBB-2

    Jessica lived her whole life in [[Sector CBB]]. She worked for [[Hair Care]]. She was known for having constantly changing hairstyle in all the colours allowed by an IR. She lived in [[Barracks CBB-014]].

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