• Francine-CBB-2

    Francine is an employee of [[Vat Chance|Vat Chance!]] in [[Sector CBB]]. She lost her first body in an industrial accident and woke up a year and a half later. She is _extremely_ leery of anything that might lose her another body.

  • Iona-CBB-2

    Iona-CBB-1 was a member of [[:kelly-fmt]]'s clog dispersal team until she was laid off. She occasionally tried to salvage something out of a clog and take it home to [[Barracks CBB-014]]. Iona-CBB-1 died after accidentally falling into an open sewer …

  • John-GOW-1

    John has recently moved from [[Sector GOW]] to [[Sector CBB]], where he found it cold but at least it wasn't flooding. John works for [[Septic Thanks|Septic Thanks!]] as a junior custodian. John joined the CBB snail watching club, which was …

  • Tara-CBB-2

    Tara-CBB-1 worked in the Algae Vats for [[Vat Chance|Vat Chance!]]. She lived in [[Barracks CBB-014]] until her death. She is known to have trouble keeping secrets.

  • Amanda-LSH-1

    Amanda was away from home on a slug-viewing expedition when the entirety of [[Sector LSH]] was closed indefinitely. She was transferred to [[Sector CBB]]. She doesn't know what will happen when she needs another clone. Amanda works for [[Vat Chance|Vat …

  • Minnie-CBB-2

    Minnie is very content. She loves Friend Computer, and she loves Alpha Complex. She's generally a happy person who likes her life. Minnie-CBB-1 particularly enjoyed the shiny black peaked cap that she got to wear on duty, and often pointed out how …

  • Maria-DOB-2

    Maria is a registered mutant. (She had little choice, since her hands face the wrong way.) She requested a transfer away from [[Sector DOB]], which has a history of corrupting mutants into traitorous communist ways and she wanted to distance herself from …

  • Cynthia-DBB-6

    Cynthia has spent her entire life in [[Sector DBB]]. Cynthia was once arrested for stealing a RED-clearance transition vehicle.

  • Susan-CBB-2

    Susan lives in [[Barracks CBB-008]], where she befriended [[:jaden-drb|Jaden-DRB-1]] (while the latter was still INFRARED and lived there).

  • Brandon-DOA-5

    Brandon lives and works in [[Sector DOA]]. Brandon-DOA-4 was killed in an explosion near his barracks that was caused by [[:trin-dma|Trin-R-DMA-1]]'s experimental equipment.

  • Amy-CBB-2

    Amy worked alongside [[:casey-bip]] at [[Vat Chance|Vat Chance!]] in [[Sector CBB]] until she was laid off. She lived in [[Barracks CBB-014]]. Amy-CBB-1 died in an accident soon after she was laid off, and her new clone is growing.

  • Tonya-EFG-6

    Tonya-EFG-5 lived in [[Barracks CBB-014]]. She used to work for [[MoveAlong TS]] but has been laid off. Her job was to collect trash off the tracks, and since the trains haven't run in months she has had very little to do. Tonya-EFG-5 died not long …

  • Timmy-CBB-1

    Timmy-CBB-1 was unsure what to do after being laid off from the [[Vat Chance]] food vats, since it was apparently going to be a week or two before his new job assignment came through. Fortunately for him, the troubleshooters of team CBB-00A hired him to …

  • Jessica-CBB-2

    Jessica lived her whole life in [[Sector CBB]]. She worked for [[Hair Care]]. She was known for having constantly changing hairstyle in all the colours allowed by an IR. She lived in [[Barracks CBB-014]].

  • Claire-DBB-3

    Claire was glad to have an opportunity to help The Computer in a new sector after losing two clones in [[Sector DBB]]. She worked for [[Hit the Road]]. She was written up numerous times for dangerous driving. She lived in [[Barracks CBB-014]].

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