• X-Pansion

    X-Pansion is a Sector Expansion Surveyors [[HPDMC|HPD&MC]] service firm, specializing in locating and developing new space for existing Sectors. h5. Sector CBB X-Pansion has the contract for exploring the reclamation possibilities of the territory …


    *Housing Preservation and Development & Mind Control* provides for the housing, entertainment and political education of the Infrareds. They also provide most of the clerical services and low-level administration in Alpha Complex. Of all the service …

  • Decent Programming HPD

    Decent Programming HPD is an [[HPDMC|HPD&MC]] service firm dedicated to the development of loyalty songs, vidshows, propaganda murals, and inspiring essays. They have a strong presence in [[Sector DMM]].

  • Barrack-A-Brac HPD

    The *Barrack-A-Brac HPD* service firm is one of many given responsibility by [[HPDMC|HPD&MC]] for ensuring that there is always sufficient quantity and quality of INFRARED housing. Barrack-A-Brac HPD has the contract for the barracks in [[Sector CBB]].

  • Crackadoom

    External Border Expander service firms such as *Crackadoom* are constantly labouring to ensure that Alpha Complex, as the last known refuge of humanity, has enough space to ensure the survival of the race.

  • Thankful to Be an Alphan HPD

    The *Thankful to Be an Alphan HPD* service group enforces mandatory happiness levels by requiring citizens to join in singalongs until minimum happiness quotas are met.

  • Swish Gaffs

    The *Swish Gaffs* service firm provides temporary residences in exchange for credits. These range from cheap hotel rooms to elaborate manor houses. The firm has a small branch in [[Sector CBB]], where the entrance is to a pair of yellow double doors.

  • Portable Ceilings

    The *Portable Ceilings* service firm holds a wide variety of contracts in many Sectors around [[Alpha Complex]].

  • PaddedRoom HPD

    The *PaddedRoom HPD* service firm runs a series of Medical Incarceration and Adventure Theme Parks, where guests can enjoy various forms of Mandatory Fun, including electroshock, experimental drug trials, and non-essential organ harvesting.

  • Megamedia

    The *Megamedia* service firm creates a great deal of media content for junior citizens. Like all Junior Happytime Production Consultant service firms, Megamedia needs to produce a great deal of content in a short period of time on a small budget.

  • Vlad-Y-ZEM-4

    Vlad-Y is the supervisor for all workers in the [[X-Pansion]] service firm in [[Sector DMM]], including: * [[:kelsey-els]] * [[:morgan-dar]] * [[:whitney-daq]]

  • Whitney-R-DAQ-3

    Whitney-R works for [[X-Pansion]] as a plumber in [[Sector DMM]], and does troubleshooter duties on the side. Whitney-R served as Loyalty Officer during the mission to RSS-01 in Sector ZUM for Team DMM-295 and as Hygiene Officer for Team DMM-29B.

  • Harry-Y-LGT-3

    Harry-Y works as a producer for _Shooters_, the hit reality-vid series about real Troubleshooters (‘not like that scripted Teela-O stuff!’). Harry-Y produced an episode of _Shooters_ in Sector SPD starring [[:casey-bip|Casey-R-BIP-1]], [[:ellery-dkr| …

  • Trevor-R-HNL-2

    Trevor-R shot the episode of the _Shooters_ reality show in Sector SPD that featured some of the PCs. He works for [[:harry-lgt]].

  • Brian-R-PFD-5

    Brian-R works for [[:harry-lgt]], providing the special effects for the _Shooters_ reality show. He worked on the episode in Sector SPD that involved some of the PCs.

  • Eric-R-AIQ-1

    Eric-R is a sing-along agent for the [[Thankful to Be an Alphan HPD]] service firm. (With a higher-than-average percentage of its population working in the food vats and sewers, [[Sector CBB]] has a morale problem. Sing-Along Agents travel from unhappy …

  • Chelsea-R-DBB-6

    Chelsea-R is a registered mutant. She has a yellow and black sash declaring this that she wears overtop of whatever else she's wearing. Her mutant ability allows her to change her appearance to look like someone else. Chelsea-R works as a talent scout …

  • Kalil-R-WQR-1

    Kalil-R works as a barracks inspector and paperwork filer for [[Barrack-A-Brac HPD]]. Since everyone knows that all of Alpha Complex's barracks are always in pristine condition his bosses keep him busy dealing with administrative work rather than wasting …

  • Chris-R-ULP-2

    Chris-R was born and raised in [[Sector ULP]]. Chris-R works as a media content acquisition specialist for [[The Bouncy Bubbly Channel]] in [[Sector CBB]]. He also works as a troubleshooter for [[Looking For Trouble]], serving as Hygiene Officer for …

  • Susan-R-DFB-3

    Susan-R works for [[Barrack-A-Brac HPD]], where she determines who lives where. She is quite often the person dealing with room reassignment for people who are demoted to INFRARED. She is also involved in determining which barracks are in active use. …

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