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  • Sector DBB

    The citizens of Sector DBB do their best to put a cheerful face on the fact that their Sector is crumbling around their ears. The Computer is aware of the geological imperfections that result in the relatively frequent cave-ins (several each year), and …

  • Sector DDB

    Sector DDB is closed. It has been undergoing renovations since Year 214. Enclosed rail tunnels service the ==*DB, D*B, and DD*== transbot lines.

  • Sector DAB

    Sector DAB has a large bot presence, including manufacturing plants for upgrade parts and repair depots. There is a rumour (unconfirmed, of course) that the Sector is ruled by [[Alpha Complex]]'s only bot ULTRAVIOLET.

  • Sector DCB

    Sector DCB is also known as Funtertainment Resort and Gambleopolis. The economy runs on a robust array of games of chance, and they welcome all comers from all sectors. While the primary currency is the standard credit, rumours abound of... other forms of …

  • Sector DRB

    The citizens of Sector DRB are known for loving a good parade almost as much as they love Friend Computer. They hold many parades, and encourage citizens from other Sectors to come and view them. The service firms in Sector DRB are under enormous …

  • Sector DMB

    Sector DMB's primary food source is yeast instead of the usual algae. They export a great deal of yeast to higher clearance food service firms in other sectors.

  • Sector DPB

    A large section of Sector DPB is kept deliberately under water. This puts a certain strain on some of the environmental systems, but it is apparently crucial.

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