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  • Sector DOA

    Sector DOA has been under the administration of [[:lot-dji]] for a couple of years. Over six thousand people live in the Sector. Two events of note have happened recently in Sector DOA. First, the presence of the Armed Forces has been almost entirely …

  • Sector DNA

    CompNode DNA was replaced quite recently after it was destroyed in a large explosion. There is no cause for alarm. Everything is under control.

  • Sector DHA

    Sector DHA is proud to be the home of the corporate headquarters of several service firms, including [[Air Ball]] and [[MoveIt PLC]]. The Sector has a moderately successful [[FunBall]] team: The Silver Scrubots. A significant portion of Sector DHA …

  • Sector DBA

    The manager of Sector DBA strongly encourages a spirit of cooperation between service groups. This has had some mixed results. Border control is handled by [[DottedLine Patrol]] in cooperation with [[LoyaltyTime]].

  • Sector DAA

    Sometimes called "Cyborg Land", Sector DAA is the home to several service firms specializing in limb replacement and cybernetic upgrades.

  • Sector DFA

    Sector DFA is in the midst of fighting off a fairly serious cockroach infestation. Each time things seem to be under control the population resurges.

  • Sector DMA

    Sector DMA contains a large bottling plant for Bouncy Bubble Beverage. There is also an R&D lab where they experiment with new flavours.

  • Sector DEA

    Many, many years ago there was a dreadful plague in Sector DEA. Since then the citizens have been passionate about hygiene. Taxes are higher than usual, but hygiene supplies are subsidized.

  • Sector DKA

    Sector DKA not only houses the corporate headquarters of two textile service firms, it also boasts the labs of the [[Worn Whole]] R&D firm.

  • Whinebot 5000

    The Whinebot 5000 was a transbot famous for his lack of self-confidence. He was assigned to the ==D*A== line at the time of his destruction in [[Sector DHA]].

  • Grunt

    Grunt is a transbot assigned to the D*A line. He never speaks a word save for those that are pre-recorded for him, but he does sometimes make an odd groaning sound (hence his name).

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