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  • Total Trouble

    Total Trouble is a CPU service firm that organizes and supports troubleshooters. Total Trouble has the troubleshooter contract for many sectors, but these no longer include [[Sector DMM]].

  • CPU

    CPU trains its personnel in the latest managerial techniques. At The Computer’s order, CPU staffers consult with other service groups and Troubleshooter teams as advisers and consultants. They spend their time inventing new procedures and forms, tracking …

  • Looking For Trouble

    Looking For Trouble is a new CPU service firm based in [[Sector CBB]] that organizes and supports Troubleshooters. Looking For Trouble guarantees that each of their Troubleshooters gets paid at least 500cr for every mission, and is generous in giving …

  • Cast Iron Skill-It

    The *Cast Iron Skill-It* service firm boasts that its employees have sufficient skill to be able to step into anyone else's job at a moment notice. The service firm is one of the more successful temp agencies in [[Alpha Complex]].

  • Break It Now

    The *Break It Now* service firm is a Mandatory Break Monitor group, dedicated to making sure that citizens of Alpha Complex take their mandated breaks as required.

  • GoFetch

    GoFetch is an emergency response service firm sending teams to react to anyone calling the 116 emergency number. Teams are selected and dispatched by The Computer.

  • MORmoney

    The *MORmoney* service firm provides venture capital consultants for citizens of BLUE clearance or higher.

  • Lee-R-DNA-2

    Lee-R works as a receptionist at [[Formal Assistance]] in [[Sector CBB]]. He also has a part-time job as a troubleshooter for [[Looking For Trouble]], serving as Team Leader of team CBB-006, Hygiene Officer for CBB-007, Equipment Guy for CBB-008, and …

  • Julie-O-XGL-1

    Julie-O lives and works in [[Sector CBB]]. She is a temp working for [[Cast Iron Skill-It]], so her job one day might be completely different from what she was doing the day before.

  • Daphne-R-HIL-1

    Daphne-R lives in [[Dorm CBB-65|dorm room CBB-65]]. She doesn't work for any service firm; instead, she works directly for [[CPU|central processing]]. Daphne-R owns an autocar, and often travels to [[Sector BBB]] for days at a time.

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