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  • Macey-R-RBR-4

    Macey-R claims to be an expert at freezing. She lives in [[Dorm CBB-63|dorm room CBB-63]], having only just transferred to [[Sector CBB]]. Macey-R used to work for [[Sell the Steam]] but has recently transferred to [[Sav-A-Clone]].

  • Bulk-R-HRR-8

    Bulk-R was a celebrated GREEN member of the [[Armed Forces]]. Very recently he was demoted to RED and apparently kicked out of the Armed Forces. He has just transferred to [[Sector CBB]] and become a sewer worker for [[Septic Thanks|Septic Thanks!]]. …

  • James-R-EFB-9

    James-R has just transferred from [[Sector EFB]] to [[Sector CBB]], where he works as a lunch lady for [[FunFoods PLC]]. James-R occasionally dresses in a suit and tie. James-R has a special permit that allows him to carry around a blue satchel. …

  • Asuna-R-BMW-4

    Asuna-R is a registered mutant. Apparently she has a useless third lung. Asuna-R has unusually large eyes, and smiles a lot. Asuna-R-BMW-3 was killed in an unfortunate mining accident. Asuna-R-BMW-4 just woke up and has been assigned to [[Sector CBB …

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