GREEN clearance


Tony worked for the Stove Rangers as a lunch lady in Sector DMM, and did troubleshooter duties on the side. This came to an end along with the rest of Tony’s civilian life once Tony was shipped off to BOOT CAMP.

Tony-R-GNU-1 was in the Shooters reality show, playing the role of a happy-go-lucky cyborg. The role was later taken over by Tony-R-GNU-2.

Tony-G serves as Hygiene Officer for Team DMM-295, as Equipment Guy for Team DMM-29B, as Medical Officer for Team DMM-29C, as Happiness Officer for Team DMM-29D, as leader of Team DMM-303, and as Map Officer for Team CRS-Z01.

Tony was stripped of all security clearances and was a non-entity with no privileges. Internal Security offered any citizen 1 000 credits for Tony’s corpse. Tony’s face is one of five that was regularly broadcast as being a traitor to Alpha Complex who should be shot on sight. These broadcasts have since stopped.


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