Yellow clearance


Kadin-R caddies safety stickers for Zenuzi and then works as a troubleshooter in off hours, leading serving as Hygiene Officer Public Relations Guy for Team DMM-299 and Financial Officer for Team DMM-303.

Though born and raised in Sector AIQ Kadin-R now registers as a native of Sector BCW.

Kadin-R currently lives and works in Sector CBB.

Ever since that business with the cyber zombie treason in Sector CRS, Kadin-Y became more and more wishdrawn. He no longer trusted his fellow troubleshooters, expected them to turn and devour his brains at any moment. This soon extended to his coworkers, supervisors, and everyone around him, until he became a twitchy, nervous wreck. This psychological breakdown culminated in what the Lunch Ladies call “The Cold Fun Incident”. Kadin has no memory of what happened that day, and the survivors speak f it only in shuddered whispers.

Following the Cold Fun Incident, Kadin-Y was reassigned to a PaddedRoom HPD Medical Incarceration and Adventure Theme Park, where he underwent various forms of Mandatory Fun, including electroshock, experimental drug trials, and non-essential organ harvesting. After almost a year, Kadin was declared “cured of Communist sympathies” and released back into Alpha Complex. The Computer demoted him to RED clearance, since he was clearly unfit for the responsibilities of YELLOW status.

Kadin-R reported to his new quarters to find that his new roommates had obligingly stolen all of his personal effects, which had been transferred from his old YELLOW-class dwellings and dumped on the floor next to his new bunk, as per standard protocol. His new roommates had kindly left him the usual moving-in gifts, including a name tag that read “Hi! My name is Kadin-R! Ask me about Communism!”, as well as a hand grenade with no pin.

Kadin-R’s supervisor at Zenuzi, Herma-Y-GNU-5 (whose Commie mutant conspiracy had been thwarted by the troubleshooter team that Kadin-R was a member of) was only too happy to demote Kadin-R from Field Sticker Caddy to Sticker Adhesive Taste Tester, a role that Friend Computer totally just made up specifically with Kadin-R’s skillset in mind.


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