Times of Trouble

Taking a Elevator Ride

5 Trouble Shooters are called in for a trouble shooting mission. 4 Show up show up. Kelly had shirked his duties to friend computer.

The troubleshooters were told that they had been given an opportunity to fight the commie scum. They needed to make a special delivery to one of the pilots for a special mission. For this mission Sasha was the Team Leader, Kelsey was the Loyalty Officer, and Colby was the Hygiene Officer. Since the troubleshooters needed a Equipment Officer the Team Leader decided that Colby would pull double duty.

After sidetracking to take down a rogue cyborg the troubleshooters went to pickup their equipment. The troubleshooters then made their delivery as directed. Unfortunately as they took out the cyborg, that was violently attacking any citizen it could, they could not finish a smaller part of their mission to rescue a single citizen.

The above was written sort of in Character by Cameron, trying to leave nothing incriminating behind.

Some important things to remember:

  • Unfortunately one player could not make it. This meant we need to forge documents and hack to give one party member and extra roll.
  • At the beginning on the mission we were suppose to get a special containment unit to deliver the biological weapon. We got a bucket instead. It turns out the yellow in charge of our briefing wanted to sell it on the black market. We tracked her down, killed her, and sold it instead. We know have an enemy you is two pay grade above everyone, expect for the trouble shooter who got promoted.
  • The mob know has a connection to all the trouble shooters as they did sell yellow level tech for their personal profit.
  • We did a very good job of covering our tracks on selling the containment unit. Though we did have to spend some time in quarantine. We made a fake containment unit and biological weapon (details to follow), we delivered the “weapon” and successful returned the containment unit to inventory.
  • One of the trouble shooter had a secret mission to put the bio. weapon into the food supply. They successfully tricked us in go to food storage, and almost succeeded in their task. Unfortunately a case ensued and they tripped into a vat, then was then flushed. But this removed the weapon from play, which was why it needed to be faked.
  • The players spend so much time on dealing with the bio. weapon and surrounding problems that they let their secondary mission totally fail. Which was rescuing someone from a precarious position in the rafters.


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