Times of Trouble

Road Trip

The Gruel Gastropod Group prepares to go on its’ first road trip. They meet Alley at the predetermined time and place. Things are a little tight with 6 people squeezing into the back.

The Group is heading to DBB first. They stop at the Your Side Control border and are helped by Minnie-CBB-1 to get on their way. After being helped by Sandra-R-DBB-3 of StopeLite IS they head to the Yum Yum #12 Cafeteria for the first round of gruel tasting. There is some entertainment as a infra-red rides in on a vehicle that is treasonous for them and causes quite the stir.

The Group now heads to DBA. After checking out of DBB with Melvin-R-DBB-1 of StopLite LS they are on the road again. Clinton-R-DBA-1 of Dotted Line Patrol guards the border from DBB and makes sure all the Groups paper work is filled out correctly. Cafeteria #117 run by Good Enuff Chef and Sludge Away is a memorable experience, as it is capped off by a Scrub Bot freaking out as they end their meal. Soon enough the Group is headed out to CBA with the help of Malcolm-R-DBA-2 of Dotted Line Patrol. The squeeze is a lot tighter as there are many packages, even some on the front seats where passengers cannot go.

Darlene-O-WQR-2, of Stay Home, welcomes the Group to CBA. There the Group enjoys the gruel of Loyalty Time #476. It has been a long day and the Group is finally ready to head home. After Tora-Y-CBA-1, of Friend of a Friend, says good bye on behalf of CBA the group is almost home.

Bernard-R-CAB-1, of StopLite LS, welcomes the the returning tasters to their homes.


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