Times of Trouble


Episode V: The Underplex Strikes Back

We rejoin our troubleshooters in the midst of the Underplex, where they have made the acquaintance of a C.H.A.S.M. Mk. I security bot that Kelly has named Max. Kelsey-R had to return to Alpha Complex for other duties, and she was replaced by Cameron-R-AMW-1, a fine addition to DMM-299’s team of Hygiene Officers.

After exploring their immediate area, the team discovers that the ancient metal walkways connecting the #3 warehouse with the #7 warehouse are not burdened with an overabundance of railings. They are also missing some sections, meaning that the direct path is not an option. The team must instead go through other rooms, including the aforementioned “Monster?” room. The team then engages in several efficient uses of time including box tipping, which causes the ancient greyish plastic boxes to shatter and disgorge their contents (packed in WHITE could-be-styrofoam pellets). This activity earns Taylor the nickname “Crate Tipper”, or CT for short. Max clomps over and makes it known that the team is doing something that he is supposed to stop them from doing, and then, after Kelly convinces him that their communication is only “kinda sort of” effective, Max resorts to interpretive dance.

The team tries to figure out a way to bridge the gap, first by cutting a slice of intact walkway, which required Taylor to hold Kelly’s ankles while Kelly hung over the edge of the bottomless drop to inspect the underside of the walkway, and then by Terry crocheting a rope out of six packs of dental floss, and then by trying to weld pieces of rebar together to make a bridge. Eventually Terry decides to strike out and explore the facility herself. She strides through the “Monster?” room with the greatest of ease, despite the “Uuuuunnngghh” sound coming from below, and enters the larger warehouse. Inside she finds some cryo tubes, some hand carts, a device that appears to be a cross between a wheelchair, a doc bot, a MemoMax, and a torture device designed by deranged dentists, and about half a dozen Yellow citizen corpses. Oh, and some zombies. One of which looks disturbingly like Taylor-R-1.

Terry shoots the Taylor-R-1 zombie in the chest, but he keeps on shambling towards her. She shoots it again in the face, and it goes down. She retreats, jamming the door behind her with her hammer, and runs back to warn the team.

With lasers and chainsaws at the ready, the team runs back to the zombie-infested warehouse. Some have more difficulty crossing the rickety old walkway than others – Parker falls almost to her death before Cameron can grab her. Taylor, Terry, Kelly, and Kadin go all Army of Darkness on those zombies. One zombie manages to sink its claws into Terry’s scalp before she headbutts it into oblivion.

About this time a bunch of Yellows show up, elbow their way past Max, and enter the room with the walkways. They appear to be the returning clones of the former troubleshooting team, whose bodies Taylor discovered in the big warehouse. Parker gives them some lip and they shoot at her, collapsing the walkway and sending her plummeting. At the last second she grabs hold of the dental floss rope and saves herself. The Yellows easily leap the gap and break into the warehouse. The rest of the team hides in the empty cryo tubes as the Yellows break out their guns and blast through more zombie hordes.

Once the Yellows are past, the team emerges from hiding and reunites with Parker and Cameron. They decide to sneak past the Yellows and investigate some stairs going down, deeper into the Underplex. At the bottom of the stairs, they find a door that Kadin identifies as an airlock. They decide against going through, since they don’t know if they are supposed to be on the dangerous side or the safe side of the airlock. Down there, away from the Yellows, the team hatches a daring plan to sneak past the Yellows while they are still fighting the zombies, acquire ten crates of sporks (at 5000 sporks per crate), and boogie back upstairs before anyone is the wiser.

There is absolutely nothing that could possibly go wrong with this plan.



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