Times of Trouble

DPA is in the money

Team CBB006 is formed with at transbot station DBB. Cameron-R is financial offer, Mekenzie-R is advertising officer, Lee-R is the leader, and Lonnie-R is the communications officer. The team is to head to DPA and see if they can figure out what is making the economy is so good, and to sell 2000 algae chips.

The team travels to DPA and does their best to sell their chips along the way. When they arrive they find a scrub bot attacking citizens so they disable it.

The team then makes contact with Portable Ceilings who will be providing them with boarding during their stay. They talk with Zachery-R who is the Portable Ceilings rep there about the current lack of housing. They all their algae chips to one person in a brilliant move.

After some trouble with barracks the team heads out to do some more investigating, and ends up at a speak easy. After talking the people there team comes up with one lead. Lee-R talks someone leading him into to potential black market employers, unfortunately he was unable to keep up with him as they traveled through traffic.


tbug NuclearWizard

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