Times of Trouble

Aug 5 - What is WQR good for?

4 lunch ladies were brought together for the first time. Kelly-O, Tony-O, Ellory-O, and Cameron-O. Their instructions were to go to WQR and meet Deklin-Y. Kelly-O was the Awareness Officer, Tony-O was the Medical Officer, Ellory-O was Leader, and Cameron-O was Public Relations Guy.

After travelling to WQR and being put through a couple awareness tests by Kelly-O the ladies arrived very close to there rondevue spot. The lunch ladies crossed three active train tracks, opened a hatch, and climbed down to where they were to meet Deklin-Y. When the briefing officer was running late the ladies got nervous and called him, and left him a voice message. Shortly after there was an explosion and the ladies were forced to take cover.

After contacting friend computer the ladies got a new mission. Meet with the army and give them sensitivity training. The lunch ladies were on task and started to study the manuals given to them by friend computer.

A short while later the ladies were rescued by Earl-G. Earl-G and his men escorted the lunch ladies to the base camp. They travelled by a damaged bunker were one of the ladies got a strange message from someone claiming to be a high ranking of over. Once at the camp the team was introduced to Jack-B.

Once on site Team DMM-29C bent to their task. Quickly setting up a face painting exercise, with poetry reading and interpretive dance to follow. During this time Tony-O tried to call the officer who sent the strange message near the bunke. Someone pretending to be that officer got on the phone, but Tony-O saw through the ruse called them on it and hung up.

The soldiers did not seem interested in the exercises. Earl-G was particularly unfocused and spent more time playing with his rifle. When Tony-O went to talk to him about that Earl-G lost his temper and tried to shoot him. Luckily something went wrong with his gun.

After that things went down hill quickly. Despite Ellory-O’s convincing words Jack-B asked his men to open fire on the rest of the team. The team used there unique skills to get away. Kelly-O blended into the crowd and released some distractions. Tony-O outran most of the soldiers following him, killed the rest with a grenade, doubled back, got to high ground and started to provide covering fire. Ellory-O tried to talk Jack-B down, but his temper was to far gone and in the end was forced to flee. Cameron-O stared down “his” attackers and then disappeared into the shadows.

Just as the team was safely away a gun ship flew in and blew up the camp. It turned out the camp was actually traitors the whole time. The real soldiers made quick work of the traitors.

Before leaving Kelly, Tony, and Ellory went to one of the cloning facilities to help out their team members Peter who was having some paper work issues.

The mission turned out to be very successful and everyone was promoted. Ellory-O and Cameron-O became yellows and Tony-O and Kelly-O joined the army and became green.


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